Coaching interventions

Transformational change and flourishing coaching

« Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions. » Steve de Shazer, 1940 – 2005.

With a successful track record leading transformational change and project initiatives, and years of experience coaching project and change leaders and teams, we accompany our clients in the realization of their flourishing aspirations and goals.

We believe optimal generative aliveness and performance are tied to well-being, and we define and practice coaching as a transformational and flourishing intervention facilitating a congruent and engaged life.

Our coaching practice brings together soothing embodied presence, ancient Yoga and Buddhist psychology, Zen wisdom, and contemporary science into a transformational change and flourishing self-awareness experience, uncovering the wholeness of human nature and consciousness, positive interbeing, and self-realization potential.

  1. Gallifa & Partner LLC, Zen Coaching Vision, Principles & Practice

    Gallifa & Partner LLC, Zen Coaching Vision, Principles & Practice

    The PDF file attached contains our Zen coaching vision, principles, and practice.