Communities of practice

Flourishing together

« Engagement in social practice is the fundamental process by which we learn and so become who we are » Etienne C. Wenger, 1952.

We are part of strong and leading communities of practice, and we keep studying, practicing regularly, improving our practice, practicing, and offering our practice.

Together with confirmed mindfulness practitioners and partners of The Flourishing Circle, we propose regularly mindfulness gatherings, workshops, retreats to our Alumni and the general public.

  1. The Flourishing Circle CoP

    The Flourishing Circle CoP

    The Flourishing Circle is a non-profit alliance and community of practice (CoP) of Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) certified practitioners contributing to a possible better world enjoying sustainable flourishing and performance through mindfulness and character strengths practice.

    Flourishing people change the world. The Flourishing Circle contributes to this vision by being a leading reference of excellence in mindfulness and character strengths practice.

    The members of The Flourishing Circle team up to advance the mindfulness and character strengths practice, offering information, training programs, retreats, resources, solutions, and state-of-the-art practices and services targeting audiences and people aiming for flourishing.

    The Flourishing Circle values wisdom, critical thinking, and open-mindedness, and we engage with integrity, generosity, social intelligence, leadership, and teamwork.