In 1890 William James (1842-1910) wrote « And the faculty of voluntarily bringing back a wandering attention, over and over again, is the very root of judgement, character, and will. » The correlation between mindfulness, character strengths and psychological flourishing is well established today. In this post we explore this link starting from the very.. read more →

Recent research at the University of Zurich shows the correlation between character strengths, mindfulness and flourishing. We are launching a series of online and in-person Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) workshops to fully experience flourishing in life. Subscribe to our newsletter. Correlation Between Character Strengths, Mindfulness and Flourishing Recent research at the University of Zurich shows.. read more →

07 Jan 2020
January 7, 2020

Best Flourishing Wishes for 2020

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This year 2020 is an opportunity to flourish by reviving our character strengths, bringing them alive in our consciousness and in our life. In this new year’s post we discuss about the deliberate cultivation of character strengths, flourishing strategies and resources. Subscribe to our newsletter. Well-Being and Flourishing As we have seen in our December.. read more →

This coming Xmas holiday is a renewed opportunity for wishing happiness to friends, colleagues, relationships, family, and loved ones. But what do we precisely mean when wishing a happy Xmas to anyone? In this winter holiday season post, we look at this question from a psychological and ethical perspective. Subscribe to our newsletter. A Timeless.. read more →

Recent research conducted at the Department of Psychology, University of Zurich, Switzerland, confirm positive relationships between mindfulness and character strengths. This adds to the fact that numerous studies confirm the robust relationships between well-being and mindfulness or character strengths, respectively. Subscribe to our newsletter. Positive psychology is interested in investigating how communities and individuals can.. read more →

In the previous post I shared my views on how mindfulness and coaching support the development of the Perspective character strength. In this post I am exploring how important is for performance and well-being to wisely develop Social Intelligence. Subscribe to our newsletter Social intelligence, also called emotional and personal intelligence, or hot intelligence, is.. read more →

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) is a new program developed by the VIA Institute on Character that brings together the latest science of mindfulness and character strengths into a practical learning experience to help people flourish by getting in conscious contact with their inner strengths (e.g., social intelligence, leadership, teamwork, creativity, honesty, bravery, perspective, etc.). Subscribe.. read more →