Coaching for excellence

« Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes. » John Whitmore, 1937 – 2017.

With a track record of transformational project management success, and many years of experience coaching project and change managers and teams, we accompany our clients in their project and change management initiatives and we provide professional coaching services for project and change management competence development.

Since project and change management excellence goes together with organizational, business and people excellence, we complete our service proposal with strengths flourishing coaching services in the areas of emotional and social intelligence, leadership and teamwork.

We complete our coaching services with management, consulting, assessment, training, and other state of the art professional practices tailored to meet our clients’ accompaniment needs.

  1. Gallifa & Partner LLC, Zen Coaching Vision, Principles & Practice

    Gallifa & Partner LLC, Zen Coaching Vision, Principles & Practice

    The PDF file attached contains our Zen coaching vision, principles and practice.

  2. Gallifa & Partner LLC, Services Overview

    Gallifa & Partner LLC, Services Overview

    The PDF file attached presents an overview of the services of Gallifa & Partner LLC. To know more about our different service components please check the Services catalog page.